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Please select the form that is the best fit for your situation.  Please print and bring the completed form with you to your initial meeting.  If you have already retained us, please provide the completed form as soon as possible.

Distanced Couple

Regardless if you have children or not, if you are married, this is the form for you.

Flexible Payment Planning


If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, use this form.

Physical Therapist

Personal Injury

Car accidents, slip and falls, product malfunction causing injury, please use this form.

Kids Running

Parent-Child Relationship

If you are a parent (and not married to the other parent), step-parent or grandparent, please use this form.

Family Photos in B&W

Estate Planning and Probate

Are you interested in a Will?  Durable Power of Attorney? Advanced Directive?  Do you need help with a probate?

Drawing Together


If you are not a parent, step-parent, or grandparent, but would like to seek custody of a child, please use this form.  This form is also used if you are seeking adult guardianship, regardless of your relationship to the individual.

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